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Conversation Between imagripandsip and onecrazedgamer
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  1. onecrazedgamer
    12-12-2009 11:24 AM
    Me no understanding you!(wetback)
  2. imagripandsip
    12-12-2009 08:19 AM
    same goes for this forum account
  3. onecrazedgamer
    12-12-2009 06:02 AM
    you must think my account is banned! what a noob
  4. imagripandsip
    12-11-2009 08:05 PM
    how is it like not losing all the money in your r1 account osmin?
  5. onecrazedgamer
    12-11-2009 06:02 PM
    jajaja....only a noob would believe that you have a brother name blademog.
  6. onecrazedgamer
    11-16-2009 12:12 PM
    omg...that's good for you.
  7. imagripandsip
    11-10-2009 07:36 PM
    nice language. how old are you again? quite frankly, i really dc. I make more money in 1 day than you will in a month
  8. onecrazedgamer
    11-10-2009 04:33 PM
    ProPrizes is....Well I want to say it in a good way.....SUCK!

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