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Conversation Between Pyros and Rave
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  1. Pyros
    07-28-2009 01:25 PM
    thats alright i mean im not going crazy eyet right? ><
  2. Rave
    07-28-2009 09:47 AM
    dang.......that sucks =/ plus all the infractions you need to get rid of :(, you should prolly get the mods to help
  3. Pyros
    07-24-2009 06:05 PM
    more than a rough time lol >< there's a billion messages i need to get through lol
  4. Rave
    07-20-2009 02:03 PM
    hey pyros! so hows it going for ya? :) im seeing lots of visitor messeges so it seems like you're having a rough time =/
  5. Pyros
    07-16-2009 07:52 PM
    we did? btw i think that fourth match which you won shouldn't be official anyways -_- there was a smash ball in it
  6. Rave
    07-16-2009 07:40 PM
    arent we gonna do our official fight?
  7. Rave
    07-16-2009 06:59 PM
    are you ready? i waited 7 mins on smash bros =/
  8. Rave
    07-16-2009 06:52 PM
    lets do our tourney match now :D, since nobody is ready yet, ok, im going online
  9. Pyros
    07-15-2009 11:59 PM
    k tmr more brawl :D and yes wait for corey!
  10. Rave
    07-15-2009 01:48 PM
    dont ban corey yet, he said he'll give me the money back

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