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Conversation Between CDZoro and MattJK
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  1. CDZoro
    12-01-2009 09:10 PM
    in one month :D
  2. CDZoro
    12-01-2009 09:09 PM
    I want to buy su09er's service for "one site" I have earned $120 by referring
  3. MattJK
    12-01-2009 08:34 PM
    Lmao I started reffing here like a week ago and I have like 250 refs (about 100 from buying). I came short with only 182 active, at least I get a nice 25% bonus :]
  4. MattJK
    12-01-2009 08:00 PM
    Yea really annoying. Failed posting time though, at night when only a couple of the mature 1's are on. At least the ref area wasn't that spammed up so I don't need to bumb my ref guide that i'm selling.
  5. CDZoro
    12-01-2009 07:59 PM
    nice :D I was sharing an account with my friend mw2 lol just like joey and corey and thinks looks pretty fuked up right now with the spammers lol
  6. MattJK
    12-01-2009 07:57 PM
    OMGZ Welcome back! How's everything?
  7. MattJK
    10-29-2009 03:04 PM
    13_0_13 hasn't gotten me any yet...
  8. CDZoro
    10-29-2009 02:25 PM
    have u received any ref from 13_00_13?
  9. MattJK
    10-28-2009 07:30 PM
    this song is for your unbanning :P

    seriously though watch some of this!

    watch from 5:15 to 6:00 best part i swear...
  10. MattJK
    10-14-2009 09:33 PM
    666 posts o.o

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