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Conversation Between skatemachine and shadykoopa
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  1. skatemachine
    07-29-2010 09:56 AM
    ah ha?! i see........ i guess, hope you have fun there
  2. shadykoopa
    07-16-2010 07:08 AM
    well it's not really a camp... more like a research program
  3. skatemachine
    07-15-2010 04:19 PM
    lol summer camp? i never actually knew anyone that goes there.
  4. shadykoopa
    07-15-2010 06:29 AM
    Yeah well ive been busy with school. And I cant brawl till I get back from summer camp. At least this camp is fun
  5. skatemachine
    07-14-2010 04:04 PM
    hahaha you got me there, i havent seen you on for ahwile
  6. shadykoopa
    07-14-2010 08:23 AM
    Im no horse... im a turtle>.>
  7. skatemachine
    07-13-2010 05:19 PM
    yes of course my horse!
  8. shadykoopa
    07-12-2010 08:33 AM
    You again...
  9. shadykoopa
    04-06-2010 02:12 PM
    I would play ssbb but my brother is playing and he isn't all that good -.-
  10. skatemachine
    04-06-2010 02:02 PM
    i guess, man im bored i have nothing to do

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