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Conversation Between doubleheman and Eric Sherman
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  1. Eric Sherman
    06-22-2010 01:52 PM
    Eric Sherman
    I'm fine, and yourself?
  2. doubleheman
    06-22-2010 01:27 PM
    How are you?
  3. Eric Sherman
    05-18-2009 12:33 PM
    Eric Sherman
    It's a forum I made.
    You might like it. Anyways, it's probably more for the summer when you're done with school.
  4. doubleheman
    05-17-2009 11:43 PM
    No, what is IMM?

    Yeah I have to much college work to do, so I have not really been trying to make much cash.
  5. Eric Sherman
    05-17-2009 03:20 PM
    Eric Sherman
    They've been good. I'm not too active here as I started my own forums. I've been tied down with school work so I haven't been able to work much on making money.

    Do you have an account on IMM?
  6. doubleheman
    05-17-2009 01:47 PM
    Hi how r things?


    Still on Rewards 1?

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