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Conversation Between Freezeice04 and Pyros
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  1. Pyros
    09-16-2010 12:39 AM
    uhhh lol... you only got 5 really o_o?
  2. Pyros
    09-16-2010 12:38 AM
    no it would not. ebay gift certificates are applyable only via teh email acount that you have signed to that paypal. that is, you order something ebay, pay using the paypal account with the gc on it. then you can use that gc on the item you bought. gcs are tied to the emails they are given to.
  3. Freezeice04
    09-15-2010 10:34 PM
    Hey Pyro, do you know how ebay gift certificates work? If I ordered something from ebay via r1, and I included the gift certificate code, will it apply the discount?
  4. Freezeice04
    09-15-2010 05:26 PM
    I've only got 5 lol...
  5. Pyros
    09-15-2010 01:14 PM
    so ill guess you'd have had more than 50 referrals active from the start of this month to the 15th lol
  6. Pyros
    09-15-2010 01:13 PM
    its calculated for half this month and have the previous month. it'll be back to normal calculation at the end of this month lol ;P
  7. Freezeice04
    09-15-2010 12:19 AM
    Unless you changed it?
  8. Freezeice04
    09-15-2010 12:18 AM
    Now its 40% lol but I didn't refer last month?
  9. Pyros
    09-14-2010 11:21 PM
    LOL oh i see, you actually got more but it just said that number ><
  10. Freezeice04
    09-14-2010 06:30 PM
    Username : freezeice04

    Don't know what user ID is lol is it that?

    It still says 20%

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