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Hatred Bomb
07-15-2008, 12:20 PM
Custom firmware for PSP is better than Sony Firmware. CFW lets you do way more, like playing UMD games from your Memory stick, IM people or do video chats with Go!Messenger, use it as a GPS with Go!Explore, and TV with Go!View (Coming soon this summer.) Lets start with my guide for making a magic memory stick.

Have at least a 2 GB memory stick for lots of homebrew.

Since you (hopefully) bought the MS from Best Buy or a store like that, get the MS reader that it should of came with. Put your MS in there. Now, put the reader with the MS inserted into your PC/Laptop. Go to "Your Computer". It should have "Remoable Disk X" (X representing the drive letter). Now, download PSP grader: http://pspslimhacks.com/forum/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=355.0;attach=470

Now, you need the nessacary files.

You only need this file, since its already merged: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0REGMKD0

Now, fire PSP grader. There should be box that says Load eboot, time machine, etc. Follow these steps.

1. Take the MS reader (With MS still in it) out of the computer, and back in. It should say, "USB Drive X is inserted. Is X your target drive?" Click yes.

2. Now, Press "Load eBoot". CLick the file that was merged with 3.90.PBP and the other file. It will say, "Found Sony eBoot 3.90. Use file?" Press yes.

3. Look down where it says Load IPL. If its not alreay selected, press Time Machine IPL.

4. Look down more. It says "Format Memory Stick". LEAVE THIS UNCHECKED.

5. Your drive should already be selcted...

6. Press "Crate Pandora Stick"

7. Watch the magic.

Now, take your MS reader out, and take your MMS out of the reader. Take the battery out of your PSP. Put the MMS in, then put in your Jigkick battery. Reinstall CFW and your PSP is now unbricked.

Klutsh for making PSP grader.
Google for helping me find the PBP file and the other file I needed.(PBP and the other 3.90 file was merged together)

EDIT: Lots of screw ups in this post that fixed. File works, links work, you should unbrick in about 3 mintues.
EDIT(rith): I just changed the link to save X-Projects' bandwidth. (We have special permission to host it =])
Kai. =]


I made it for unbricking a PSP, so forget any reinstall parts. Just do the steps.

Now, for the Jigkick battery (Commonly mistaken for Pandora battery). You have PLENTY of options.

1. Get a tool battery for PSP/PSP slim here: http://us.codejunkies.com/Departments/PSP.aspx

2. Or get a PSP battery service tool from the same link.

3. Trace cut method, or you can desolder a pin. Both guides can be found here: http://pspslimhacks.com/forum/index.php/topic,984.0.html
6a for desoldering, 6b for trace cutting. (PSP slim only.)

4. Desolder a pin on a PSP fat battery, (Google it.)

Now, once you have both the MMS and Jigkick battery, you can install CFW. Take out both the battery and MMS out of your PSP. Put the memory stick in FIRST, then the battery. You should have a screen with white writing. If so, you did. If not, try again. Dump the nand, then once its done, Install the CFW. You now have 3.71 M33.

Post questions here.