View Full Version : nintendo 3DS, vs. Sony NGP ?

03-22-2011, 12:59 PM
which will get more sells, and which is better? hm let's check out the pros N cons

well 3ds offers Really good graphics, first ever 3d in a handheld console, Without the need of 3D glasses, the games are supposed to be Really good from Konami, Bandai, Nintendo, Etc. the only 2 cons.
- kids under 6 can get there eyes messed up if playing on 3d mode for too long (Pshh, we won't have to worry about that :smile )
- battery life is only 3-5 hours with 3d and wifi mode on :(, now that's kinda bad but it's the only bad part for teenage gamers.

NGP, well where to start off, has a Nice graphic core eqaul to or better than the xbox 360's, really good games from the ps3 onto the ngp (seqauls), play music, videos etc.
- way more expensive then 3DS,
- Can burn out while charging if you play Too long,

and that's about it. honestly, my vote is for 3ds :D ocarina of time, animal crossing, resident evil, ALL IN 3D W/O IRRATATING RED AND CYAN GLASSES! :) what is there to hate? so yeah put in yo votes!
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03-22-2011, 01:13 PM
lol i never even heard of the Sony NGP lol so theres your answer :thumbs 3DS and Paper Mario FTW