View Full Version : PC finally! LOTR: Conquest!

07-06-2009, 10:10 PM
this game is BEAST, well at least for hardcore LOTR fans like me. i got the
PC version from Gamestop, in Gurnee Mills, IL!
they had 50% off ALL PC Games NEW or USED, i had $37 so then i was able to get LOTR: Conquest, and Battle for the Pacific for the PC, both
AWESOME games. a new copy of LOTR: Conquest was
originally $29.99, got it for like $16.41, becuse remember 50% off, i didnt even have to worry about tax) it made my awesome day.
i gotta tell you, if your looking for a Gamestop that really doesnt rip
people off, GO TO ILLINOIS, or Gurnee Mills, IL. best place ever,
but tax is so expensive! 0.09%! i live in Indiana, the Gamestops HERE,
arent that good, trust me, they suck, and half of them are goin
out of bussiness, one just recently, one day im driving to my cousin's
house, its there. the next day, my parents are driving the family elsewhere,
IT'S GONE, the GameStop banner is GONE, the whole store is in CAGES,
dont tell me they were closed because of their bussiness hours because this was at like 3:00 PM on a Saturday.