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07-03-2009, 01:15 PM
This is my review for the Conduit.

The Conduit has a pretty solid story that has been told more than once in your average first person shooter. High Voltage has hit the nail on the head with their new first person shooter engine. The graphics look good, but this being said the edges are still sort of jagged, and the same enemies show up in the story mode throughout the whole game. This may seem very small but it gets very annoying seeing the same enemy every second. Do not get me wrong this games single player is fun, but it has alot of faults also.

This game has some good replay value because of one, the achievement system which will have you going back through the game and trying to complete all of the achievements, and the other hyped up thing which is the multiplayer. The multiplayer is fun when you get into a match. It takes a long while for you to get into a match and play, but when you are in a match it is lots of fun. There are about 8 maps and more than 10 game modes that will keep you playing the multiplayer for a long while after you buy the game.

Another that henders this game is the lack of using the wii speak with anyone except for your friends that you add with their specified friend codes. If you are looking for a good first person shooter for the Wii, then this is a good choice. This has thee best online multiplayer for a fps wii title, but the story mode for Call of Duty World at War is better.


Graphics: 8.0 - The Graphics are good and the engine runs smooth. But the same enemies appear throughout the whole game.

Controls: 9.5 - The controls are very good and fully customizable.

Sound: 8.5 - Some of the sounds are repetitive after a while.

Lasting Appeal: 9.0 - The achievements and multiplayer will keep you going for a long while.