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06-16-2009, 02:30 PM
Well i was looking around the internet for glitches for shi no numa and instead i found mods, weird stuff, and unexpectedly theories...

I actually believed this stuff take a look. It's theories of how the whole nazi zombie thing started PLUS easter eggs in the maps that prove it (Bible verse references aka the numbers on the walls, what the characters say, radios, phone, etc)

Well take a look and see for yourself. Two different theories.

This is our speculations on the two nazi zombie maps Veruckt and Shi No Numa and its backstory. So here you go and I hope you like it.

The Red Menace Theory

This theory is all about the symbols, voices, laughs, and numbers you see while playing on Veruckt, and Shi no Numa.

First of let me say a shoutout to the people who helped me and made it possible for this to be done. First my friend Optimaxion, then to DMcrew,and lastlyt xRAPIDxFIRExKILL. These people made it possible for me to be able to obtain this info.

So lets start off by looking at Veruckt's numbers on the wall.
Okay the number you see on three different walls in the room behind the Speed Cola machine, and the butcher room, or the kitchen. Okay that number is 19382406. Okay lets look at that number backwards. Okay there is nothing noticeable about it besides 1938 which is the date the war started. Okay now look at it differently. 06/24/1938. That is the exact date a meteor hit in Pennsylvania.
Now we will be looking at 9:21 which is like a verse in a bible. We have 3 of these verses, and they all relate.
Revelation 9:21
They did not repent from their murders, witchcraft, sexual immorality, or their theft.
Jeremiah 9:21
For death has come up, through our windows, has entered palaces, to cut off the childrens form the street, The young men from town square.
Basic English Bible 9:21
They had no regrets for putting men to death, or for the use of secret arts, or their evil desires of the flesh, or for taking the property of others.
Okay they all relate. In Revelation 9:21 it says "their murders" also in Basic English Bible 9:21 it says "putting men to death". That is the same thing. In Revelation 9:21 it says "witchcraft" and in Basic English Bible 9:21 it says "secret arts" that is the same thing. So you see the resemblance in these phrases. Okay, but who are they. I think Treyarch was saying as I will say later on that these were made by humans themselves on purpose, and not some random source. Okay, but look at Jeremiah 9:21 it says that they came through our windows, into our palaces. Okay does that mean that well it is talking about Nazi Zombies and their windows, also where you are is your palace. I think Treyarch put those in there for a reason as that is why I am doing this.

Okay lets look more at Veruckt and its wall symbols.
Okay there is a circle with a line going through it and after it has an equals sign = and then further after that it has a city in ruins, an explosion, an arm with only three fingers, a side view of an leg with no toes see able. These signs could show well an explosion, body parts everywhere or them getting dearanged.

Okay lets look at some of Veruckt's writing on its walls.
In the room behind the Speed Cola machine it says this:
In a warming world (can't figure this word out) so and so tide life comes tomorrow. What could that possibly mean? I think it means that well things are getting like more heavier and everything is growing in life, zombies comes tomorrow. Is what they are probably trying to say.

Now lets skip over to Shi No Numa.
This place is connecting it and also unconnected it so this is what we got so far.
115, is seen in the main room you start off in. It is also the number you dial on the phone, or well 511 just 115 backwards. Okay so why does it really matter. Okay so when the German shoots the Meteorite he says this "Maybe thats where elements 115 comes from." Okay element 115 is extremely unstable and it with little pressure could explode randomly. So maybe element 115 is the secret power behind your favorite guns. Remember that I said that date 06/24/1938 well as I said that's where a meteor hit, so think about it. One meteor in another place probably contains element 115, so why wouldn't another one?
Okay when you turn on all 3 radios in the main room it will give these coordinates, which are the coordinates to an airforce base right at Area 51. The numbers and letters are: R/48/08 N 37 14 06 115 48 40. Those are the coordinates. So lets look at this. Element found in meteor so it was found in Pensylvania it was probably transported to Area 51. Okay now lets look at something else. In the radio thing it says this "The experiment could not be contained at the other place, so it was moved here. Peter I hope your getting this, if not all, is lost but hope. Then it goes on to say some more random numbers which I could not get so lets think about this. IT IS AN EXPERIMENT NOT JUST SOME RANDOM FREAK ACCIDENT. Also the Russian when he shoots the Meteorite he says this "Maybe the Red Menace would be interested in this." This brings up the question who is the RED MENACE. I suspect some power who is controlling all this. Menace, means scare and or fear so that could be Red Fear or Red Scare. So now we might have a possible subject behind all this. Also in Russia a Red Menace started the Cold War in the late 1940's also between 1917 and 1923 a plot was uncovered to send bombs to 36 United States addresses, and no one was convicted, but one person was behind it. So think about this one person can be behind this.

Okay lets combine it together element 115 found in meteor, meteor found in Pennsylvania on June 24, 1938 so 7 years before the war actually ended. Maybe element 115 is the life giver to these zombies, because when the voice said the coordinates it said and Air force base at Area 51 so isn't that where the American government does put stuff like that. Okay so we know that the zombies were created by something as says the verses out of the bible. So all connected it says one man and his team is behind it. Okay so now we know that, how did we get the WonderWaffen, and the Ray Gun, I think there is alien influence in this game, I mean do you think at the time we would be able to create a super ingredient to do that. I think that was created by aliens, and perfected by us humans, the same people who created the zombies.

Lets top it off with our final review.
One man and his team is behind this who is called the Red Menace. (Or so we beileive)
These zombies are test subjects. (Not some random source that created them)
The zombies had to be moved from the old test facility to this new one.(So we will probably go to a new test facility)
We will be able to finally complete the story.
Those three bible verses are all connected to the creators and what the zombies do.
So now we wait and grow in our speculations and figure out more about this journey to figure out the story behind our beloved Nazi Zombie game type.

I wrote all this final speculation, but had a some help from my friend Optimaxion and DMcrew with piecing it all together. Since as most of you know my xbox doesn't allow me to play CoD WaW so thank you very much for DMcrew, Optimaxion, and xRAPIDxFIRExKILLx for providing the information for this to be possible.

This is not finished, since well the third map pack hasn't come out yet so we will finish it then and then the whole story will be complete.

Also they say in the main room voice in Shi No Numa that the Aslyum project failed, so these are all test facilities, for their evil minds.

Spread the Wealth


06-16-2009, 02:50 PM
if u wana get far on zombies watch this vid i got to lvl 40 then got raped because i walked into a wall lol


06-16-2009, 07:37 PM
if u wana get far on zombies watch this vid i got to lvl 40 then got raped because i walked into a wall lol


ehh well okay??

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hhmmm interesting I didnt even notice any of that when I was playing through the game. Btw the first link you posted, when clicked on it says you have to be a member to read it. Thought you might wanna know thiss.

Minimoose out

06-16-2009, 09:44 PM
hhmmm interesting I didnt even notice any of that when I was playing through the game. Btw the first link you posted, when clicked on it says you have to be a member to read it. Thought you might wanna know thiss.

Minimoose out

thanks for letting me know!

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Nuclear Pankake
06-16-2009, 10:10 PM
Reminds me of the 911 conspiracy theory

06-17-2009, 12:44 PM
that stuff is mad strange who would take the time to put all that together..