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This is a mini guide on how to repair your game controllers without having to buy another controller or sending it in for repairs EVER! Well unless you want to buy one for multiplayer modes or you screwed up trying to fix it yourself, go ahead. You must follow these steps VERY CAREFULLY if you want success. I will update this guide frequently. I have been busy lately so the first update will not come until Tuesday or Wednesday so be patient.

N64 - Having control stick problems because you threw Bowser around so many times in Mario 64 and now you have a bad control stick? No problem!

Phillips Screwdriver: The driver with a plus looking sign where the screw goes.
Malfunctioning N64 control with the disoriented control stick

The 7 screws
1.There are 7 screws on the back of the controller, carefully put them in a safe place after you get them out of the screw socket. Once all the screws are out of the sockets carefully remove the back side of the control. Do not flip the front side of the control otherwise all the buttons and the D pad could fall out of place and onto the floor. Also could easily get lost.

2. There is a cardboard holding them in place, slowly remove that and you'll see the main box where the control stick is connected to. Guess what? 3 more screws is what's holding that together. Remove the gray half where the screws were originally screwed in. Also put those screws in a safe place, since they're smaller put those separate so you won't confuse them with the slightly bigger screws.

3. Inside the control stick box you will notice a spring with the white round circle holding the spring in place so it won't bounce out of position. This is the tricky part. To get the control stick back in its neutral position and working like new, you need to get the spring back onto the white plastic holder that keeps all of the objects in position. Once that step is done, you will notice how the control stick is sunk into the hole, well that's what it's supposed to look like.

4. Once the spring and white plastic holder is back in it's neutral state, put the gray half piece back on carefully and put the screws back in ( lol if you didn't lose em ).

5. Put the cardboard support back on, you should be able to fit the cardboard in the regarding holes where it was positioned before. If any of the plastic buttons fell out of place ( they shouldn't have ) put those back in. The C buttons are the most confusing since they're all the same color, only the arows give hints. Yes, the first attempt I spilled all the buttons onto the floor. :shifty:

6. Lastly, put the back side cover of the control back into place. Make sure all the screw sockets are connected with the front side's sockets for the control to go back together in one piece. Finally put the 7 screws back into place and viola, you have a working controller. However if this did not work then you may have done something incorrect so this may take several attempts so make sure everything looks good in the control stick box before putting everything together again. If you happen to lose any screws, keep looking for them. One or two screws being lost is ok.

Now, this may work with other controllers such as, XBox, the 360, playstation and as well as the Gamecube. However the designs inside the control may be different so be careful on how you do this.

Guitar Hero/Rockband/Rockband 2 guitar controllers


Phillips Screwdriver: Same kind as project 1
Malfunctioning Guitar with strummer
2 very small rubber bands

Are you missing a lot of notes when you shouldn't be EVEN when you've calibrated your system numerous times and still have that registering problem? I've got you covered.

This project is much easier than fixing a N64 or a Playstation control so you won't be getting a headache after this one besides for completing the rubber band step.

1. On the back of the guitar there are screws, not sure how many ( should be about 8 or 9 ). Once you get the back cover off, you'll notice that the strummer is a bit loose. If you look very closely you'll see these black soft supports holding the strummer in place. These soft supports aren't doing a terrific job of doing it.

2. Take the small rubber bands and use the latches on the side of the strummer. The latches should be in the near center of the strummer. There are two other latches near the strummer, those latches should also be close to the center of the strummer. A flashlight might be useful for this. If your rubber band is small enough you can attach the rubber band from one latch to the other. Also do the same for the other side of the strummer. However, if your rubber band is a little bit larger you can wrap it around any screw socket closest to the strummer to keep it from being loose. This will make the strummer a bit tighter and will be able to hit most note conditions when modding the strummer.

3. You know the drill, put the back cover on the guitar's front side, then put the screws back in. There ya go, you should be able to master the most difficult solos in the game with this module.

This should also be able to work with any other game guitar that may be having problems so keep this guide handy.

Pictures will be included when guide is updated.

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If you post one for the xbox 360, I will love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It should work for the 360 as well, maybe I'll find one online for ya.

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I have method that work on everything.

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I have method that work on everything.

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I have method that work on everything.

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