View Full Version : Game 5!

06-15-2008, 06:08 PM
Who thinks the Celtics will beat the Lakers to win the finals? I think this, Celtics will pwn them! Say goodbye to the lakers. :thumbs

06-15-2008, 06:56 PM
Celtics FTW

you from Mass?

06-15-2008, 07:00 PM
Lakerssss$$$$ Oy Yeah

06-15-2008, 07:01 PM
I'm from NJ but Spurs are my team and the Lakers beat them =( so I am going for the Celts. Also because they're east coast.

06-15-2008, 09:16 PM
WTf you celtics Fan noob. Thats why you guys lost. LAKERS FTW!!!

06-15-2008, 09:30 PM
Celtics, obviously, haha unless kobe can come out of no where and obliterate the immortal threesome (lol) seriously, kobe is the only person that can save them from obliteration. And under stress who knows if he will pull out. its to bad Shaq isnt there anymore ;]

06-16-2008, 06:26 PM
dude nobody can stop pierce, allan, and garnet

THE BIG 3 BABY!!!!! :D :D :D

06-16-2008, 06:27 PM
Yeah I like Pierce the most but he's a little bit chunky. He weighs more than Garnett and Pierce is like 6'7 and Garnett is like 6'11 almost 7'0.

06-16-2008, 06:33 PM
but he still gets the job done points wise