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05-30-2008, 07:00 AM
Hey.. i would like to say
i had success
with a company (website)
give me 50mill mesos.. awesome..

So to all who think they are scams...
ha ha i tried it and it worked.. tight.
i didn't even sign up to the site.. sight!
they just called me phone
thirty Min's later after i purchased..
then i waited in FM15 Room18
for like 30 Min's and then dada
they showed up.. yep yep two guys came..
one called AccountOne..
and then another called (world abbreviation)1518..
get it 15 18.., now i can but my warrior equipment,
it expensive cause the fact it is so rear.. YAY ME!...

This was not a prize from R1.. this is just news from me..