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05-13-2008, 03:01 PM
getting a pikachu ds from ebay for 200 bucks?or should i just get a normal ds or an imported color from japan for a little more over 130?

05-13-2008, 03:11 PM
Had a DS got bored of it then got a 360...Much better. I havent even glimpsed at it in a while but if you really want one go for a regular so you can use that extra cash for a game

Eric Sherman
05-13-2008, 03:38 PM
If your heart is set on a ds and I can't even sway you to look into the psp... then why invest more than you have to? Get the cheapest version. Nothing sets a colored ds from the normal on so why pay more?

05-13-2008, 04:16 PM
I would just buy one here. It is not worth an extra 70 dollars just on how it looks.

05-13-2008, 07:49 PM
okay thanks i guess.

05-14-2008, 11:42 AM
i'm getting a DS lite too, except i HAVE to pay 200 points cause i have to cusotm order it in the UK, rubbish i know but itll only take me another week or so to get the last points!

05-14-2008, 11:45 AM
which one are you getting?the zelda one?i heard the zelda one from the uk is different from the american one.